Friday, October 24, 2008

Just an afternoon

If we don't loose track of time we usually are waiting outside for the girls and the schoolbus. Soren is always getting all excited when he sees the yellow bus and his sisters coming home and due to the nice bus driver he drops them off right at the drive way instead of at the bus stop. Our girls are the only ones who are getting off anyway, but he is truly supporting my lazyness. lol.

Up and on instead off heading inside we just sit on the front step, enjot the sun and talk. Today was one of those days and I got the old camera out to take some videos of our crazy kids. And for a change the girls even snapped pictures with me in front of the lense not behind. Doesn't happen very often.


  1. You and you daughter look so much alike in that picture......both beautiful. Isn't it funny how the little ones will copy anything the older ones are doing....good.....and bad.

  2. you are so beautiful Nicole! I love the pics with you and the kids... go grab Chiara and get one of her too!

  3. Great pics! Beautiful family.

    I was just talking about how I have no pictures of myself :)

    (I'm so glad chocolate doesn't make me as sick as it did him!)

  4. Your kids always look so happy :) Cute video too!

  5. You and your family are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Looks like you have been having a lot of fun lately!



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