Friday, October 17, 2008

More Magnets & Clips - Waescheklammermagnete

Can you believe it, we actually went shopping for craft supplies by feet & stroller. No car required!

There was a yardsale further down the road and after our lunch plans got destroy (thanks a lot) and Soren and me were already dressed and ready to go, so we walked down the road to a yardsale.
Usually I am looking for kids' stuff there, but not one item. No toys, no books, no kids clothes, ....
but old suitcases, metal stands, some craft supplies and clothes hangers. Lots of clothes hangers.

And I couldn't resist an old old tool box which I plan on cleaning up and using for some craft supplies and also some wooden discs for more magnets, exactly the ones I wanted to get at the Hobbylobby whenever I get the chance to get into the next town sometime.

Soren was so fascinated by all those clotheshangers that he could not separated from them and took one in each hand home all excited. Crazy kid!

But last night I started some different magnet clips. Just buy using simple wooden clothespins.

I decorated one side with different paper, sealed it and added a magnet on the back side. Now I can use them to post all the notes on the refrigerator the girl are bringing home from school or keep some as small xmas gifts with a note attached.

Of course as soon as the girls see something new it is like always "Can I have it?"

Chiara was all happy with one and started decorating the second side. LOL. And gave me an idea. You might get to see it soon.


  1. i LOVE the clothespins!!! i used to make magnets a LOOOONNNGGG time ago, but i never thought of that. you are so talented!!!

  2. I am going to have to try these clothes pens. way cute!!



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