Monday, October 20, 2008

This weekend or almost 200 years ago

Saturday was one of those days. My mind for sure not with me. My head was drumming. Beautiful weather nevertheless.

We still had an engagement to go to and the kids were looking forward for a little friend's birthday party in the park. So with delay we finally got there and even Soren enjoyed the park and sliding and climbing and getting messy.

Pictures. Yes. I was supposed to take lots of pictures. Fantastic. Gives me something to do while the kids are playing and having fun. It would just be really helpful to take the battery out of the charger at home and pack it in, wouldn't it be.

But don't worry, even we have no party pictures there are LOTS of photos from yesterday if you like to go back to the year 1860.

The kids enjoyed the trip back in time. Covering their years when the gunfighters duelled and the canons shot on the battle field. Chiara of course loved especially the General's horse and all the other ones, too. If you got hungry you make your own pancake on a rake over open fire and of course for my little artist punching tin was just perfect. Chiara was all excited about learning a Indian dance - "Hop Like A Rabbit" and had no fear to be part of the Indian kids group. Isabell watched from the sideline.

And when you get a chance try Texas Tater from Opa's Sausage Wagon. There are really worth a try. But til you get to it enjoy our chocolate sprinkle coveres apples.

Did I mention that all this was at the Ogletree Gap Heritage Festival just around the corner?

Here are my too crazy cooks modelling the two baker's outfits I made. I just finished the blue hat in the morning just in time for wrapping the birthday gift up. The pink one is extra and more Soren's size, but I am not allowed to put this pink outfit onto him and to take a picture. Chiara didn't mind helping out. More to this you can find right HERE.


  1. I <3 those outfits! I've got ideas popping around in my head for the apples in my fridge now :).

    Thank you, and I just posted about the award on my blog.

  2. So cute!!!! I need a bakers outfit.

  3. That festival sounds like so much fun! I wish we had more things like that near where I live.

    And the outfits- so adorable.

  4. Those apples look SO tasty!

    Plus the clothes you made were darling!

  5. Oh my goodness, these are cute!
    I have another award for you!

  6. CUTE cooks!
    FUN to go back in time for AWHILE... love modern technology too much to go back... but I would be willing to part with TV and media.
    ENJOY your day!

  7. Oh man Nicole they turned out so cute, I love them. Do you make boy patterns? My boys would like those for christmas, they love to help me in the kitchen.

  8. Thanks guys.

    Gentri - I have fabric right here to make a boys version. LOL. So Isabell doesn't need to share her aprons with Soren anymore.



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