Friday, October 17, 2008

Click, Click, Clickety-Click

If Soren is not in sight you just have to follow the noise to where he is and you will see what he got into.

Soren loves making noise and knocking and hitting all kinds of things lately. Yesterday morning he kept hitting the floor and it started driving me nuts, so I wanted to see what he is hitting with and check that he is not adding to our damage list for whenever we have to move out. I find him hitting my shoe with heels on the floor.

"Soren stop with my shoe."

I take the show and see a fat spider. He was trying to smash the spider with my show. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

This morning none of us closed Bella's room and his loves his big sister's room. Hiding out underneath the loft bed, climbing in the loft bed, and messing in her mess. There is always something in his reach.

Yesterday she played CONNECT 4 with him and she was so excited that he already won three times. "He really wins if you do not try to win." LOL. What an amazing big sister.

I guess he really really likes it, because this is what I found after following the noise.

While sitting here and typing the hero of the story is making noise in my laundry/pantry/kitty food room. He loves that room and the broom there.

So of course, don't trust this little story hero, just had to go and see and what do I find. Soren standing in the middle of a flour mess trying to sweep with my mop!

Did I mention that he actually put my flour jar back on the cabinet!

Perhabs if i would have waited another moment to check the mess would all be cleaned up again, beside the flour on him. LOL.

What's next on his list today? Mine is cleaning!


  1. Messes make for good pictures though! Ha ha! Looks like your lo is just as busy as mine getting into things. Bella sounds like such a sweetheart :)

  2. Beautiful baby, and I love his name.

    This post made me lol.




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