Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins ... or just jackolaterns

The day before Halloween is our day to carve pumpkins,
last year we carved jackolaterns the day before the day of Halloween

and carved Sorens pumpkin on the day before Halloween.

This year I couldn't afford Soren's pumpkin. In his size.

Last year's memories.

This year's memories.
Ready. Set. Go. Last year Chiara was still coloring her pumpkin with Sharpies. This year she was working hard on cleaning out her pumpkin and drew her design on, but carved it almost by herself. A little help is acceptable, but she did a fantastic job.
Isabell still thinks it's a all yuck inside but is also carving her masterpiece without any help at all. Aren't our girls growing up?
Are you missing Soren? He was a BIG fussy head, crying and screaming most of the time and not really happy even with being outside and ended up in bed when he reach the limit of all of our patiences.
Her are the GIRLS' masterpieces.
Do you see all of our pumkin farm pumpkins minus the one that had to leave to go to school on Monday?
The girls were almost done Leland is asking where our pumpkins were!!!
Can't you say anything before? Mention this a day or two or three earlier!!!
So, while the two get ready for bed, I head to the supermarket, to look for two more pumpkins, orange, medium to big in size, round if possible with a stem, ...
NO LUCK, all that was left 'Fairytale pumkins', small baking pumpkins.
So, off I went to Walmart, crazy idea, I tell you, that place was a nut house. BUT I found TWO, BIG, ORANGE, ROUND pumpkins and for $2 each. I love a bargain.
So when I am already there I also find Halloween shirts for the two youngest in the family and those have a sticker on
Just as a warning: I am trying to get a toddler to sleep who is fuzzy but wearing a Halloween shirt that blinks red when he is moving. Not a smart idea. A rather stupid idea. I might have to strip him off his shirt. - I DID.
So a while later back at home, in Soren's company we worked on our pumpkins.
Did you ever use a drill for carving pumpkins? Leland does. Also a part of my mixer without intended to eat any pumpkin.

Here they are. Leland's and Mine.
from the Bissell Gang


  1. Happy Halloween to you!

    That baby in a pumpkin pic is too precious. He does not look happy, and you're gonna have some explainin' to do when he's older, haha!

    We haven't carved yet. And tonight is homecoming. I need that extra hour today not Saturday night, lol.

  2. The pumpkins all look great and your kids are all gorgeous!! Happy Halloween!

  3. Those carvings are fantastic, and that picture of Soren from last year is so cute.

  4. Wow they really look awesome!! Glad you guys had fun :-)!!!



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