Saturday, February 16, 2008

What a day!

Is it really already Saturday today (almost Sunday if I look at the clock)? I am back online, trying to catch up at every corner.

But this was one of those days, we actually had bad weather for a few hours - I love rainy days, the air smells so fresh after a shower and you could hear birds chirping. Usually all I hear are those darn treefrogs, still I have to get to see one yet, it probably easier just to google for 'treefrog'. - back to today. Just got told that those might be just toads like the ones we caught cleaning out our pool last September.

Chiara was just trouble and in trouble from morning to evening. I know she is a bouncy ball, but I really don't know what is in this head of a 5 year old is going on. She is smart and bright, she knows so much, but all is about fun and what she wants to do right in this moment. Nothing can wait, nothing can be remembered, nothing can be cleaned up without telling her once, twice, three times and again and again. That just doesn't work. I love her to death and she is so huggable, cuddly, can be so helpful, nice, loves her sister and brother sooooooooooo much, has non stop ideas and the most creative imagination, energy, ....

One attempt to keep her out of trouble was PUTTING HER TO WORK!

Or keeping her LOCKED UP in the laundry basket.

Adding some extra weight to prevent ESCAPE ATTEMPTS.

FAILED! Guard is tricked into laundry basket.

But still SURVIVED with a smile!

Partner in crime to make the escape successful! And not left out.

Volunteerly returned into the laundry basket!

BACK to WORK! Punishment for escape and being trick.

1 comment:

  1. julia (from June 2007)February 18, 2008 at 10:48 PM

    laughing out load! too funny. whoever said all work and no play had never met your kiddos. :)



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