Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday - A Day To Rest

I don't really know when our last Sunday was just resting, relaxing, doing nothing, that easily might have been over seven years ago.

Ich kann mich gar nicht mehr daran erinnern, wann unser letzter Sonntag war an dem wir uns nur ausgeruht, erholt und einfach nichts getan haben, das war vor ueber mehr als sieben Jahren.

More than seven years ago, Leland and I had

+ NO kids

+ NO more than 1-bedroom apartment in Germany

+ NO highspeed internet

+ NO American or English speaking TV channels (poor Leland)

+ NO reason to go shopping (stores are closed in Germany on Sundays)

+ NO work from home

+ NO problem to sleep in in the morning.

Vor mehr als sieben Jahren, hatten Leland und ich

+ KEINE Kinder

+ KEINE Wohnung mit mehr als einem Schlafzimmer in Deutschland

+ KEIN superschnelles Internet

+ KEIN amerikansche oder englischsprechenden Fernsehkanaele

+ KEINEN Grund am Sonntag einkaufen zu gehen (Laedens sind sonntags zu in Deutschland)

+ KEINE Arbeit von zuhause aus

+ KEIN Problem am Sonntag lange auszuschlafen.

Now, there is no more sleeping in. Instead we had a pretty busy Sunday. Bella has Sunday School, so she has to get there on time and be picked up on time. Luckily only a few minutes from the house and with Leland back home the other two rugrats can stay home for those trips if he is awake.

Don't I always say that Soren has his sisters twisted around his finger. LOL

Today Bella's classmate invite her to his birthday party in Killeen, so we picked up Neva and spent the afternoon there. The girls loved the Inflatable. Pictures follow. Afterwards we brought Neva back and anytime we meet her it always takes a while until we get to leave. The girls love to play together and her mom Heidi is just a real sweetheart.

We met up back home with Leland and Chiara and a little while later went House Hunting with Heidi & Co. They showed us a few places and know we know even more about Cove and its surroundings. This time you could easily have lost me in the middle of nowhere and at the last place and lot it was quite dark. LOL


  1. What great action shots! You have some cute kiddos!

  2. Nicole, I have been down one of those slides and it is so dif. when you are older and larger. Anyway I bet Bella had fun. I love your new pic of the kids. Oh and my lo def. can't sit on a toy like that, she'd fall over.

  3. Pauline, Soren definitely can sit well almost anyway but in the end he will tumble down, too. LOL



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