Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy 8 Months, Soren

I know we are a few days late, but that was not really planned and I spent mainly my time sleeping in bed and only enough time on the computer to get a tiny bit of work done. Everything else has to wait, including the laundry and homecooked meals except what Leland is producing.

Back to the main person of February 12th. Our little baby is already 8 months. Can you believe how fast the time flew by. He is 29 and 1/2 inches tall (don't ask for the metric conversation today) and over 27 pounds. And I can witness his weight everytime I pick him up. His clothes size is 12 to 24 months depending how tiny the size is.

-I have to add this, American clothes is cute, but for tiny babies. European sizes fit more age appropriate label to baby boy. - PJs in the pic above is 2T or even 3T, I have to check.

His ear infections are gone, but he does cough and sneeze, especially in the night.

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  1. 8mos!! Time really does fly. WE are also is size (9 or) 12mos.



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