Saturday, February 2, 2008

Major Surgery

OMG - I picked Chiara up from school and she comes running to me with a big bandate on her finger. She was playing on the playground and got a big splinter in her finger. No big deal, I thought we just pull it out. But no way, I was not allowed to touch it. Fine. We are not home yet.

At home Chiara got set in the big chair in the living room and I got ready for the big surgery armed with a thin needle and twizzers. LOL. Two interns of our surgery team were responsible for the right light and lamps - to stay out of the way and not making any shade, placed on the baby blanket. And the show aeh surgery started with a big bang - no screaming. I guess the anestesha didn't set in for our patient yet - she didn't put the bubble gum in her mouth yet. She kept screaming bloody murder even nothing was done yet and our interns couldn't stop laughing. Especially the youngest one of our surgecial team thought it was hillarious. After she finally stop screaming we could get really started and it was already over. We can happily announce that the patient survived and that the surgery was successful. To save our hospital supplies and costs no bandate was offered. - We can also report patient C is bouncing through the house aeh hospital.

- finger before surgery -

- patient C before surgery-

- finger after surgery -

- members of the team, surgical interns enjoying the show-

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