Sunday, February 24, 2008


But for sure it feels like it.

Soren loves being outside - luckily he is not too mobil yet and quite safe where he is.

The girls on the other side managed to spread rocks from next to the driveway all over the patio and lots of them in the yard. Even we told them lots and lots of times NOT to. So they had to start to get them back off the patio and out of the grass.

This is where the rocks belong!

Not here!

Leland: "Are you having fun yet?"

Bella: "No it's no fun at all, it's boring!"

Leland: "But it's fun for me watching you."

By the way I wouldn't hire our kids, they are really SLOW workers.

One rock at a time!!!

Don't forget the pouding lip!


  1. Spreading the rocks around sounds like something Kayleigh would do, adn then she woudl end up having to clean them up as well. Leland's comment sounds excatly like what my husband would say.

    We have the exact same comforter that you have under Soren to protect him from the ground.

    I know it has been a while, but you commented on our blog and asked if we were still in Germany. Sadly we are not, we wish we were though. We LOVED living in Germany. We were there for almost 5 yrs. I love how you write your blog in both German and English.

  2. sorry for the typos!!! Should be and not adn and should be would not woudl.

  3. Amy, believe me that there are many more piles of rocks in the yard and somebody HAS to get those out.



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