Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wuerzburg's Festung Marienberg

I know Wuerzburg since I can remember. That doesn't mean I remember where everything is, where all the roads lead and how the heck I do get where I what to go, but that is no wonder in Germany anyway even we have signs everywhere in all colors and shapes and forms, but Wuerzburg as beautiful as this town is is truly crazy to drive through. Trying to find parking there is an adventure, too, if you don't know where. LOL. I could already tell you stories there. So in the past I usually took the "Strassenbahn", a little train riding on top of the street and pretty much stopping almost everywhere where I intending on going anywhere. After having Isabell I lived outside of Wuerzburg and took the bus in towmn or actually walked if not taking the car. That worked, too. But last week I actually needed my car, because I had no intention of dragging 35 pounds plus all the way up the hill from downtown Wurzburg to the castle , so I had to figure out my way around town. It was a little crazy and we took a wrong turn, because there is no logic in that town streetwise and I remembered that, just too late and swoop we already were over the bridge and on the other side of the river stopped at a alredy filled parking lot but had a beautiful view up to the fortress - our intended goal to visit.

Don't worry, we did find our way up there with lots of twisted turns. LOL. The walkway would have been nice, too, with a stop at the beergarden on the way back down. Perhabs next time. Leland used to run from post on the other side of the town down the hill to downtown and up to castle and all the way back for PT almost every morning - 5 km. He still remembers that.

The castle is called 'Festung Marienberg' and the girls love it, last time already the couldn't quit talking after our visit there and it is beautiful up there. You can see the Kaeppele and also find a trail through hills over or from downtown up. I counted the steps on the stairs when I was a kid there are more as 300.

I am always taking these pictures from the view over the city, but I can resists, neither can Isabell. There is a big wall there, you are not supposed to climb on because of you fall you do land deep down on the vines and smash the grapes and yourself of course, but it is a beautiful spot to soak in the sun and the sight.
For the kids and their snack I had to find a safer spot to sit down because they just can't be trusted but the sight was just as good and you can sit safely in the gras over here pretty much - NO FIRE ANTS, no dangerous spiders, no ...... I could keep going.
Here are some of Bella's and Chiara's pictures. They are really crazy about taking pictures, too, and Soren and let chiara take pictures of him. Stinker!

This old fortress is always worth a stop. Believe us. We already did that many times if you have the chance do it as late as possible. It is even more impressive in the night with the lights.

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  1. Sehr schoene neue Bilder, ich seh' ihr geniesst Eure Ferien in Deutschland :-) ! Happy belated birthday Nicole, ich glaub ich bin 3 Tage zu spaet dran, oder? Ich hoffe ihr habt ein bisschen gefeiert! Ganz liebe Gruesse an Euch alle!!!
    Sandra, Chris und Stevie



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