Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fuerstliche Gartenlust - Rokoko Festspiele II

Rococo is a style of the 18th century. In the music it was the reaction against the Baroque style. Less formal and grandiose in structure, it was a graceful rather than a profound style. The word "Rococo" from the French rocaille, "a shell". The goal of all artists was to charm, delight and entertain.

And on the that Sunday afternoon as last event of the Rokoko Festspiele weekend everybody was having fun in the gardens like they used to have. The horses and riders showed all the guests formal or modern what they were able to do with a a "Quadrille".

Afterwards they performed a hunt in a small version. Everybody was going "aaaaaaaaa" and "oooooo" when the hunting dogs cute as buttons were speeding past us trying to catch the "fox". It was no real fox.
They were performing dances like the "Allemande", "Polonaise", .... .It was interesting to watch, but got way more amusing when theeach performer paired with a visitor to dance. Then the giggles and laughes started from all sides even they all did a good job.

Just a few more of the extraordinary costumes you were able to on this afternoon.

Finally, somebody who was up all day fell asleep the last hour and did neither hear anymore music, people or gunshots. He was definetely out.

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