Monday, July 13, 2009

Sorry, Tick Tack Oma

In the first week of our stay we made a trip to Wuerzburg to visit my grandmother. She never had the chance yet to meet Soren in person before or see Leland again since we left Germany in 2000. We usually jsut call her "Uri" short for Urgrossmutter or Uroma. Because Ur sounds just like Uhr which means clock in German we also call her "Tick Tack Oma".

Two true Wuerzburger - Bella is born here in town, but we had to leave Dezember 2000.

Every time the girls met my grandmother before she had the habit to pinch the cheeks as greeting. You know that type of cheek pinching you realling realling don't like, but especialling people her generation just seemed to have to do. So already ahead of time Bella started, But I don't want her to pinch my cheeks. Of course Chiara chimed in, too. And you know what, hard to believe, she did not even try, not at even one of the three kids cheeks - for the first time. LOL

No cheek pinching on the second visit neither. LOL

Sine I can remember my grandparents played "Mensch aergere dich nicht" (Sorry). And that with passion. My mom played it. I did. We played with them when we visited them, when they came visiting, without them visiting and they did by themselves probably everyday with and without friends but usually for money. Even the game is called "Do not get angry"if you translate it word by word I do remember times when my grabndfatgher got do mad about getting kicked out so often that he smashed the dice and his little people in the corner. lol. - my grandfather was not the angry type and usually fun, but as I said they played with passion!

By the way my mom made the play boards for our family after everybody was tired of the dice rolling on the play board and kicking everything over. Isn't it neat and used a lot. My grandmother has her little people in MEGA size. lol.

Now it was the girls turn to play Sorry and especially Bella is hooked. She loves to play all the time. Chiara. Mmmmmmm. That is a different story. She can't loose. Even if she is better as everybody else and has two people home she will cry and throw a fit if you kick another one out. There were lots of tears, but sorry we do not let you win, just because you thow a fit. We support and help you, but a game is a game.

And we don't mind giving you another round for a revenge if you loose.

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