Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sommersdorfer Schloss - a little more history

The Schloss Sommersdorf is a picturesque small castle with all the ingredients of a proper fairy-tale: keep, turrets, tall towers, spiral staircases, stone bridges, ramparts, and even a moat.

And it's location is just five minutes from my home town. So after driving through Sommersdorf a few times already since we are, we finally had a few minutes on the way back and it was NOT pouring down right that moment, so we stopped. We just had to, like every time we are back here. Because this place is magical and a step back in time.

You enter the castle through an outer guardhouse, a pink building topped by a whimsical clock, go over a moat and into a rose-filled courtyard. It is private property and the owner lives there but does rent it out to guests. Doesn't sound nice staying in a castle for a vacation?

You can't enter further into the castle except when you are a guest or rent one of the rooms for a special event, but I had the chance twice in the past. Once about 5 years ago for my cousin's wedding and a long time ago when I still was a teenager to step behind the thick walls to bring old costumes back to the castle owner. We were upstairs and even there it truly is like you imagine an old castle out of a movie including old knights standing there. Amazing. Enchanting.

On the left of entrance is a walkway to the castle chapel which is also still used and open to be visited.

The stone bridge used to be a draw bridge. Can you imagine?

No, that's not the old castle's mailbox, but an old German mailbox in which you throw your mail in to mail off. I haven't seen one out of wood since ever, but all mailbixes are still bright yellow and have the posthorn sign. Do you want to write?

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  1. Wow! That castle really is fabulous! I am loving all your photos!



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