Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Magic Garden

Katja, Bella & Soren

Magic Garden that's truly one of the first things that comes in my mind when I am thinking of Katja, right after old friend. An old friend I treasure and believe I DO know what it means to have friends.


With the way my life happened to chose to be or I did I met lots of people from all over the world and did not stay in this small village all my life long. I come back once a while for visiting, but I always go back to the place we call home in that moment. Our home is right now where our heart is and my little family. We move almost every two years. It can be from one continent to the other, from the west to east coast, just sorth to north or seriously just out of town, but every move brings changes and leaves people behind no matter how much you try, how much effort comes from your side. So I truly treasure the friends I have here and can come knocking at their door after being gone for three years and still get a hug and a happy welcome because there are glad to see us again and do take the time for us.


Katja is one of them. She knows me from the time I still was in diapers. So over 30 years. She doesn't even call me Nicole. Leland just learnt this this time. lol. Neither does my mom all the time. - old times - .

In the last years her and her husband transformed a 100 year old house and barn in a beautiful home. Some parts are still work in progress because they are all doing themselves as both learned carpentry from scratch and it amazing. The garden is a little bit 'wild', not really anymore, but she has such a green hand and also decorated the house and garden with all kinds of items she found in the old house. It has a little stream, I can't forget the turtles and and awesome treehouse over the stream which already is a real vacationAdd Image cottage with ofen, fridge, porch, and even matrazes to sleep on the second floor. WOW.

Leland & Kai up at the porch of the tree house
Katja, Bella & Chiara up in the sleeping quarters in the tree house

I am enchanted by the garden and we are just waiting for a sunny day to go back visiting for sitting outside - it will be easier to let the kids roam and play with the dog. Don't forget she lives in a tiny village that has a water castle in walking distance from her not even five minutes. One of the spots I do have to go back, too, as on every visit, still, if it doesn't rain.
the little stream underneath the tree house

all the kids, Katja & Homer, the dog


  1. Magical! You picked the right word to describe this post! Just beautiful!



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