Friday, July 17, 2009

"Ich bieme schlow"

About a month ago, if you remember, was father's day in the States. In Germany father's day is all the way back in March. But last month the day before father's day Karin and me left Soren at the house with Leland and took the girls to the mall for errands and father's day shopping.

As it happened to be it was the Saturday of the annual coloring contest that took plave there. The girls wanted to be part of it of course. So, fine, while we took care of our errands they were busy coloring in the category they picked under supervision there - yeah free babysitting. We came back so often probably every 5 to 10 minutes, but no they were not done and especially Bella wanted to keep going.

Chiara colored about her birthday party eveb it ended up in the "Phantasy Forest" category.

Bella picked "My most beautiful Barbie". She put a lot of effort in it, but I have to admit Iwas not so sure about that Barbie's beauty. I guess beauty is still in the eye of the beholder. The funny part was more that she wrote on the Barbie's shirt "Ich bieme schlow!" she wanted to say "I am smart!". I just had to laugh. Because it just didn't say anything neither in english or german.
"Ich bin schlau!" would have been the right words. lol

But no matter what, I few days later I got a phone call the Ms. Isabell won a price in the coloring contest and we were invited to ceremony with drinks and prices.
Isabell won 2nd price in her age group in her category and because it was Barbie's 60th birthday her price was a Barbie set and a few more little cute things. She was all excited. Chiara of course was disappointed, but Bella promised to share.

All the winners from this year.

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