Thursday, July 2, 2009

tiny strawberries and BIG ONES, too, ...

Yesterday the kids and I took and the bikes and went on a little tour towards the nearby forest. I just planned on riding to the edge, getting of the bikes and going for a stroll, but the girls were eager to keep on riding, so we went further on the gravel path which they mastered pretty good even Chiara still rather rides wiggle lines and zigzag instead for just straight. She drives us nuts with it or eventually into us. But at least she has a good speed compared to my snail Isabell who is over careful - like me. LOL.

Eventually we stopped for a little break on the trail when we spotted all the little wild forest strawberries growing along the trail. The are tiny and not so sweet, but it's still hard to resist and worth picking them even it takes a while to get a handful of those tiny strawberries. By the way Soren does NOT like strawberries, so he lost out on snack time.

He neither likes raiseberries. So you know. But somehow that didn't stop him trying to pick them because along the path grew both wild. Also along the path was unseen a deep overgrown ditch.

- that's not the spot he fell in, just were I was - lol -

Soren was a few steps away from me when the grils started screaming because Soren fell head first down into the raiseberries ditch. It looked scary, only his feet looked out and all I could do was grabbing his feet and pull him out by them. He didn't scream. I set him upright again. He looked, laughed and took off again. He has a scratch on his arm. Lucky kid. He scared the heck out of me. But it was a funny picture. But I actually did NOT take a picture and set the camera in my hand very quickly down to grab him. But I surely won't forget the sight.

Today we went a different way with the bikes again to the STRAWBERRY PATCH to pick the BIG strawberries, the medium sized ones are better, the small was the sweetest. You truly could hide in those fields and survive for days if you love strawberries, but you might never want to see another strawberry afterwards ever again.

I did help picking a few. I mainly watched, took pictures, amused myself and ate strawberries and had the task to catch Soren at the end and carry 35 or perhabd 40 pounds by now out of the strawberry patch. So hard work for me. Plus pedaling back to the house with him in tow.

Nope, he still doesn't like strawberries!

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  1. mmmmmm.....strawberries!
    Looks like you all have been having fun.



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