Sunday, July 26, 2009

Green, green. green is alles was ich sehe

Last night was a late night for Bella, but she really really wanted to go and why not. It was something special. Neither one of us has seen it before, Soren and Chiara stayed with Oma supposingly sleeping and Karin, Bella and me took a LATE NIGHT STROLL through ANSBACHS GRUENE NACHT (Green Night). It doesn't get really dark before 9.30/10.00 o'clock in the evening here so this event started officially at 22.00 till 4 in the morning.

By the way 3 am sounds like a perfect time for the Green Night visit if you every should choose to go, believe me. Espcially if you are a person who loves the midnight supermarkt shopping like me. We didn't, but we should have. lol

All of the old downtown and the castle was illuminated and most of it in green. The covered even all the street lights in green.
I tried taking pictures and a few turned out while the others are a wiggly mess without a tripod, but it took us 1,5 hours to get through most of it including the little bit further away parking spot after the town was packed. The people here love the fests and it didn't rain for a change so it was well worth a celebration. LOL. We still were packed in shirt, sweatshirt jacket, jeans jacket just to stay warm.

Didn't I mention before it was packed? All corners were stages with music, bands, performances, not to forget the food and drinks and for sure not all was non alcoholic.

But we kept is short after our "sight seeing tour" and also for kid age appropriate with an italian icecream treat for the way back to the car.

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  1. Die Bilder sind absolut Klasse geworden - WOW!!!!



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