Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ansbacher Rokoko - Festspiele Part I

Ansbach is famous for the Rokoko festival every year. It is taking place since years. Even I went to school in this town since fifth grade I never went before. But this year we did on one of the days and stated on Sundy morning with the 'Grosse Feldmusik' in the courtyard of the residence of the margraf. I do seriously hope my translation is correct - ... im Innenhof der Markgraeflichen Residenz'. In simple words inside the town castle which is unfortunately on the outside all undercover and under construction.

We came early trying to get seat in the shade, but still ran out of luck and ended up in the very sunny part of the coutyyard. In teh beginning Bella was still smiling. And no, this was not an event where you came and brought your own chairs as in the States even I did have a blanket with me addintionly and luckily, because we needed it for more as one occasion on that day.

The margraf and his wife waiting for the music troops to march in and play from the balconies of the castle.

I learnt quickly that my seat was pretty useless for taking pictures - lol - so I switch it for a another spot in the sun to get some pictures as long asthe kids were happy.

These are just soldiers, no musicians.

Take a close look. To the second person on either side. The on right in the middle. She won't like the extra picture the extra attention. Bad luck. It's my mom. That's why we are there. To see and hear her.

So these were the official event picture of the blog. Now here are the audience picture of the blog.
#1. My kids. trying to catch the tiniest bit of shade possible after being in the sun for almost an our and believe me we are used to heat, but it was getting hot it that courtyard and the paramedic was getting busy.

#2. Just for your amusement. Other ways trying to find shade if your are not tiny anymore. Lots of people tried using the program. LOL. I guess I got used to Texas heat. So this here is nothing at all.

There is more to the Rokoko Festspiele. But it is late today.

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