Sunday, July 19, 2009

The world is small

Over four years ago we got to know a very sweet family when we moved to Texas. The mom is German and our kids were pretty close in age. We spent quite a bit time together with friends enjoyed just chatting away in German, drinking coffee, letting the kids play and even organized our own little Bavarian fest. Long time ago. It seems so.

Because this family moved back to Germany 2.5 years ago. Germany is not so big, so it would be easy to see them back there, but coming here for only a short time usually only leaves enough time to visit family and some close by friends and even that is stressful to get everybody covered.

- Chiara, Dallas, Isabell, Soren, Lilly -

A few month ago I found out they moved again and this time close to my home town, just a few minutes away, so of course an email and a phone call later. We did visit them and spent the afternoon together and got all soaking wet together.

Did I mention that it is raining every single day here this summer!!!!!!!!!!

They got to meet Soren and the kids had a blast together. No matter who spoke English or German or how mix a sentence was in any way they understand each other perfectly well like they knew each other. Mmmmmmm. They DO KNOW each other. Lilly just was a baby then, and the rest has a hard time remembering. lol.

Soren & Lilli


It was really nice to see them again and we are going to miss them when we leave here, but of course we do hope to get the news when the new addition to the family is there and to meet him or her someday, too, perhabs here in Germany or back in Texas. You never know. The world is small.

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