Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sunday dinner at Aunt Karen's house

We had a dinner invitation at Leland's aunt and uncle's house and also got the chance to see his cousin and his family there. The girls have seen their cousins Ausitin and Alex only once before when we stopped in Arkansas on the move from Massachusetts to Texas, but those four came along right away. That was really nice. So we had to to take pictures. But there was no way to line all those sillies up in a row, but they had more fun the other way and I like the pictures the way they are. LOL

- Bella, Chiara and Alex -

- Soren loved all the attention he got. -

- And he got hold of Austin tightly - look at the close up. -

It was nice to see everybody and that they all had a chance to meet Soren for the first time.

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