Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Roadtrip to Arkansas

Saturday morning Leland left on tour with his motorcycle group towards the south of while
the girls and me started getting ready for leaving over spring break. We started packing our bags with clothes, snacks and toys. It is amazing how much stuff you need for five people or better for four people and one baby boy.

Later on Leland got the car ready with fuel because I am always running on empty before we leave to go somewhere LOL. Hooked up the DVD player (life saver on every longer roadtrip) and
got all our stuff in the car plus stroller. The car is packed in every meaning of the word.

One last stop on post and we are ready to leave town at 11:30 pm. Chiara and Soren are already asleep minutes after starting driving. Bella was happily watching her movie and had no intentions ever going to sleep and never did when you ask her. Unfortunately I couldn't reach the camera at that time when shw was laying all over her sister totally knocked out.

The roads were pretty empty except right through Dallas with a few maniacs on the road there.

The kids slept almost all the way besides the last part of the way and we arrived by 8:30 am at Leland's parents' house and went to sleep for the next couple hours.

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  1. Schoen dass ihr eine gute Fahrt hattet!! und wir wuenschen Soren gute Besserung. Muss auch immer unterwegs passieren mit dem krank werden, oder? War grade voll geruehrt von deinem Post ueber uns eins weiter unten! Wir werden euch auch vermissen! Wir sehn uns an Ostern! Noch ein paar schoene Tage und eine gute Heimfahrt!
    Ganz liebe gruesse,



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