Saturday, March 15, 2008

Catching up ...

Last weekend after one morning of snow(flakes), it was warm again with spring weather. And I am not even talking about the summer temperatures we had today with in the 90s.

Soren's little friend came visiting, those two bugs are real buddies already and just too cute together. I bet they will get in so much trouble together when they are older. At least they have some more time together because it doesn't look like we are leaving this area in the near future. And who knows what will be in two years.

One of the girls' friend was over two and look how well they work as babysitter. One big girl for each of the little ones. Perhabs they need a little bit more practise, but I have no doubt we can train them well. LOL

Today was the last day of school ending with an easter egg hunt for our Pre-Kler and the kids have spring break. They are all excited that we are visiting family in Arkansas. It is always nice to get a little bit out of town, but I wouldn't mind if the road trip would be only an hour long. We will be leaving in the night so the kids are hopefully sleeping most of the trip and this way we are trying to prevent that they are going to drive us crazy with

  • 'Are we there yet?' every five minutes
  • 'I have to go potty!'
  • 'I am hungry!'
  • 'She hit me!'
  • 'She is not giving me any space.'
  • 'How long is it until we are there?'
  • 'My snuggle bug fell down.'
  • 'I am cold.' or 'I am hot.'
  • ....

I know lots of more that will be coming out of their mouth. LOL. Those two are able to drive me nuts on the three minute car ride home from school so imagine eight or nine hours. Then don't forget the youngest of our gang. He is usually are real happy boy, but pretty loud when he gets hungry or just has enough of the carseat.

So I started packing, tomorrow will add the DVD player and the movies (yes, there will be discussions which movie they decide to watch), but I am learning and bought two sets of headphone at the Dollarstore today - listening three days to Dora and Cinderella was enough on trip from MA to TX. I bet Leland will appreciate that, too. He just doesn't know yet. Snacks are already purchased, too, to keep everybody happy, and I am quite sure I should not even bother vacuuming my car before the trip and rather wait until we are back home.

It is already late and I have lots of more on my to do list until we are leaving. The day before any trip always is crazy, but it seems to be our lucky charm that we always have visitors over the day before. And they are always welcome. So keep your fingers crossed that I don't forget too many things.

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  1. Have a great trip! We are right behind ya. We will be leaving for South Dakota next Monday to visit friends for the week. I hate having to pack the car for road trips, I always forget something important. Oh well that is why there is a Walmart in just about every town right? Travel safe!



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