Sunday, March 2, 2008

Birthday Party on a Horse Ranch

We had a birthday party invitation yesterday late afternoon on a horse farm. And as you can see especially Chiara was in heaven. Most of teh horses were just walking freely around there and she was right in the middle. A little bit too much in the middle for me.

The horse was called "JJ" and pretty slow, perhabs lazy, but perfect to let Chiara loose alone. She would have loved to stay on the horse back forever. Bella on the other side did decide in the last second that she does not want to get on the horse. Perhabs next time.

But Bella still had fun. And Soren, too.


  1. Nicole,
    I've tagged you. If you read my blog than you will find out what that means.


    p.s. you take fantastic pictures

  2. I am so jealous, I love horses and the kids are so cute with them!!

    BTW I think you know that we are doing an ongoing thread on BC for our bloggers. If you'd like to be included in a siggy we are asking that you email Anelys with a picture of you the mom and the names of the los with their birthdate, thanks!!



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