Monday, March 31, 2008

Gabriel's 1st Birthday Party!

After eating so much food on Easter Sunday, I still made a whole bunch of cupcakes for Gabriel's (Soren's best buddy)birthday party the next day. I managed to keep everybody elses hands of the cupcakes besides my own (pst - don't tell) and Bella was so sweet to share some of her orange reese m&ms for elmo's nose. She also insisted that I have to add the mouth the next morning. I really tried to get away without it.

Here is the little birthday boy Gabriel.

Gabriel & Mom

Soren is not mobil enough yet to enjoy all the bounce house, but loved to play in the toddler corner.

Here are the two buddies.

Isabell and Chiara had a blast playing there with friends and Chiara took me on one of those bouncy slides. It's actually a workout to get up there and high and pretty fast. I am not for heights. But Chiara was all happy and that's what counts.

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