Monday, March 31, 2008

Catching up ... again

Finally I got to post the pictures from Gabriel's birthday and Leland & his motorcycle gang. Let's see what else went on the last week before I go to crawl in my bed after only a couple hours of sleep last night.

Monday morning we had Easter brunch with all the kids at Soren's playgroup and went to the party afterwards, so the last school free day of spring break passed quickly by. And the girls are already counting down the days to summer break.

The weekend before we took a look at a house to rent after deciding that we are not going to buy our own place right now. You never know what happens especially with the Army involved and just a few days later it comes true as always. So, we are staying in Texas, but after we are already more as 2 years in this place it's time to move on as always. Probably just in the next town looking at the address, but only a couple minutes from here. We will see and let you know if we actually pack up again and try to mark the box in which we pack the kids in. BUT of course the Army is messing with our plans.
We are ecstatic about that. OK - I am kidding.
But the Army is always changing plans so perhabs it works out for us for a change.

GOOD NEWS: I spent a lot of money today, and finally the passport application for Leland, Chiara and Soren are on their way. So perhabs there is a slight chance of summer vacation overseas??? I have absolutely if it will work out with everything that is going on here, but sometimes you never know and the quick decisions to go somewhere are often the best ones.

But if YOU want to make long term plans then you are very welcome to keep a weekend free in June - of course only if everything works out! Bring empty boxes with you and you can help packing and moving. I supply drinks and food. Or you can babysit when Soren gets tired of being packed in a box! LOL But usually he never gets tired of paper, so the wrapping paper will probably do.

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  1. Für Mai hätt ich mich überreden lassen, aber Juni krieg ich keinen Urlaub :-(



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