Friday, March 7, 2008

One GOOD thing - one NOT good thing

The GOOD part in this post is easily told.

Bella and Chiara brought their report cards home yesterday and both are doing very well in school and also are back to good behaviour wit no more color changes.

Bella again has Honor Roll as in all previous reports this year(it would be nice if we never have to worry about school because of her but she's just in first grade and still loves school.)

Chiara is in Pre-K and has all her required skills besides one developed. She is a bright girl when she actually focus on what's she is doing, but that's quite hard for our bouncy ball daughter.

We are really proud of their accomplishments. (Sounds nice, doesn't it?)

The NOT so Good part in this post is a big ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Also called venting.

Bella got a birthday party invitation to Chuckie Cheeses from a classmate for tonight (8 pm). She loves Chuckie Cheese and all her classmates and was all excited to go. We got a cute present for the birthday girl and Bella made her a special card. So Leland voluntered to take her and I stayed home with Chiara and Soren besides our trip to the store for ice cream. LOL.

When they came back, he said Bella might not get anymore party invitations. I was wondering what she did.


Leland bought some tokens for her and also gave the birthday girl quite a few, later Bella ate a slice of pizza, had a drink and a cupcake and got ten tokens. Bella enjoyed her time there but mostly alone or with her Dad.

When they were getting ready to go the mom of the birthday girls asked Leland to pay $10.

WOW. Are you kidding me? For what? He didn't eat or drink anything there and Bella was invited or did I get something wrong there? Am I the only one who thinks that that was not appropriate?

I am glad he was there not me. His answer was easy, "I only have four Dollars in my pocket!"

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