Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Well ...

- Vincenzo, our tiger cat -

   Well, I haven't been updating my blog for a while. Sorry. My last post actually was exactly a year ago, but enough time passed with lots of things happening throughout the last twelve months. Now Vincenzo will keep an eye on me and most of the time I am watched very closely by him or one of his buddies in the house while I explore the new blogger changes, get my computer repaired and finally started sewing again. Yeah, even the sewing machine was covered by dust and only occasionally used.

- Project #1 in 2013 -

I need to be a little more creative again and get more motivation for everything, so here is a peek to the first new project I started in 2013 and it definitely needed to be something cheerful and colorful. I used lots of scraps again not one piece is perfectly the same as another and I am sure the result also will be one hundred percent imperfect and that's perfectly fine for this look I am going for.

My mom from Germany is visiting us right now since a couple days and she taught me how to sew, however I got her totally addicted to quilting. :) And not just her, Karin, too. This morning after the kids were all off with the school bus we slowly got ready for a road trip south to Roundrock and after a couple of stops before finally made it to Joann Fabric and Craft Store. Equipped also with Karin's shopping list - in digital form on my kindle to include her pictures - we spent almost two hours there.

- Here, Karin, the shopping list in digital form on my kindle from you, so we would be able to find exactly what you are looking for. - 

My mom just found a little bit of fabric to use here and a little bit to take home. The lady at the cutting table had lots of patience cutting it from her and also told us her story from living in Kitzingen, Germany, for a few years. The store was filled with lots of seniors due to the special discount today and quite a few were asking her what she is going to do with ALL that fabric.

- one of her favorite places in the States -

Now she is already back at the sewing machine and working on a quilt for Soren like a busy bee.

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  1. Na diese Form von Shopping list ist ja sehr praktisch ;) muss ich direkt mal schaun, ob sich das bei meinem Telefon auch öffnen lässt. Hab nämlich gestern entdeckt, dass es sogar ein Navi hat.
    Ich bin schon ganz gespannt, auf weitere Bilder von deinem Projekt - sieht soweit schon super aus.
    Stolz wie ein Honigkuchenpferd mit dem Cart voll Stoffe :) yikes ich seh sogar meinen - yay!!! Kitzingen is ja gleich um die Ecke von uns - ich sags doch immer wieder die Welt ist wie eine kleine Nachbarschaft



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