Sunday, February 17, 2013

road trip south to dripping springs

All our outdoor plans for last weekend literally fell in the water with thunderstorms all weekend long, so we stayed home. We didn't mind and were busy sewing and some of us just plain lazy.

This is the last weekend with my mom before she leaves next Saturday again and we used every single minute until our feet are so tired now. Friday evening we took the kids out Skating on base and the little ones had lots of fun, Bella on the others side was a playing scary cat. I expected that from Soren and not from my oldest, however he did great for just being the second time on roller skates and was a tough cookie. Chiara is the one who ended up with the bruises for kissing the floor several times.

Saturday morning we packed up enough food for the day and all of us wore sneakers for a trip to Dripping Springs. This was our second time visiting Hamilton Pool, a Travis County natural preserve. Last time we brought our swimsuits, towels and floaties for a dip in the natural pool, this time we planned on exploring the hiking trail to the Pedernales River after stopping at the pool first.

The first part down to the valley is very rocky and quiet steep and even in summer you leave your flip flops in the car and wear good footwear. The hike to the pool is absolutely worth it no matter what season you go. Photos from our last trip in early summer.

The kids love this place as much as I do and are already asking to go back there again. 

We followed the trail back to the intersection to check out the opposite way to the river and were not the only ones enjoying the beautiful weather with 60 degrees. We made it all the way over rocks, roots, branches, had a picnic at the shore of the river and hiked the mile back. Soren and me were the end of the tail and of course he tripped and fell down. Immediately he explained, "I did not break my leg!" , but then the crying started. He scraped himself just a little, but a band-aid was needed to make him feel better. He made it to the car on his own feet and luckily not on my back.

Last time after the park we just drove with Karin into the town of Dripping Springs and by luck discovered the Valli & Kim's quilt shop. What a pleasant surprise. So this time it was already planned in to show my mom this awesome quilt shop.

The display from the store is as much fun to check out as all the fabric with a wide variety of fabrics and it's hard to decide where to look first when you first step through the wide doors.

Lots of beautiful quilts are displayed hanging down from the ceiling.

Pillows, pillows, everywhere you look.

Isn't this an awesome idea to use fabric for decoupage this old desk? 

Soren was so tired after all the walking, but he still managed to bug the saleslady with lots of questions about the thread, fabric and quilts.
It is so hard not trying to buy the whole store up and just leaving with a few treasures, but hopefully we will be sometime in Dripping Springs again and definitely stop there, too.

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  1. Hamilton Pool ist einfach klasse! Ein soo schönes Fleckchen Erde. Und die Fahrt dort hin - ich sag nur "Dead Mans hole" und Kettensägenmann - lol! Als Belohung gabs den Quiltladen - zumindest für die Grossen ;)



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