Saturday, February 23, 2013

road trip north to glen rose, tx

Last weekend we were busy with skating on Friday night, hiking dripping springs on Saturday morning, so on Sunday we used the sunny weather for a trip north to Dinosaurworld in Glen Rose. Soren was already super excited since Friday evening when I picked the tickets up at the ITR office on post (the military discount made quite a difference for five people).

Dinosaurworld - or just Dinoland for us - is about 1 1/2 hours from us driving through the country passing chocolate heaven a few miles outside of Glen Rose. You can hardly miss the entrance with huge dinosaurs and tiny giraffes at the entrance. With us on this trip was a happy little dog, because Dinoland does allow friendly dogs, and Brynne was well behaved compared to the crazy little poodle who didn't want to stay away from her.

The kids started our visit at the Fossil Dig and all three were only interested in digging up shark teeth even they were plenty of other fossils and founds. Then all four (3 kids plus dog) were ready for the dino trail to see 100+ life size dinosaurs.

Of course, now, on every outing even the littlest one brings his camera along for exploring and snapping pictures. My little photographer.

It's not only fun to check out the dinos from the outside, but also from the inside. It was hard to get Chiara and Soren back out of it. 

Dinoland also offers plenty of shady picnic tables outside the museum or around the playground perfect for kids in Soren's and Chiara's ages. Soren did not really want to leave this place.

Goodbye Dinoland.

Glen Rose has a historic downtown and we - the adults - wanted to take a look after the kids had their fun. However we changed our mind when we reached Big Rocks Park located on the Paluxy River on the side of downtown. 

Who could resist to climb and lounge on those big round rocks or were not tempting to stick his feet in the water. We always end up somewhere at the water with the kids, it's impossible for my kids to stay away from it on any outing even if we don't plan to get even close to any water source.

I had a chance to take more pictures of Chiara while Soren and Bella were disappeared between all these rocks and hardly wanted to get back down.

My mom is probably used weird outings with us by now and enjoyed the beautiful day in February while everybody back home was freezing and had to deal with snow and ice. :)

The crossing over the Paluxy River is neat and leads to a beautiful walkway along  the river on the other side with plenty of ducks waiting to be fed.

Soren would have loved to keep going further and further, Brynne, too, but the girls were tired out, especially Chiara hardly wanted to take another step and we had two knocked out kids on the way back.

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