Monday, February 25, 2013

trip to the airport

On Saturday it was time to pack up again, however our trip over country roads was short, passing several cows, not even a traffic light to stop until we already arrived at the airport around the corner. With lots of helpers fighting over the my mom's luggage eventually all made it to the American Eagle check-in counter.

The passenger behind us in line at the counter was cute, the kid's opinion about the Chihuahua in the travel carrier, but when he got all loud and upset because they looked at him then I wasn't so sure anymore. :)

Soren was being extremely silly and a little grumpy as always when we are at the airport picking somebody up or dropping off. When he gets to travel himself he is usually in a happy mood, but it's not his turn this time.

We took some last pictures with Oma and the kids and even Soren cooperated after his tummy was filled with plenty of animal crackers which needed to be lined up in a specific patter before they were edible.

That's as far as we could accompany Oma and it was time to say goodbye. 

By now Oma arrived safely back in Germany, tired and exhausted and with a stack of more silly memories of her crazy grandkids and pets.

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