Thursday, February 14, 2013

english vocabulary

Soren loves school. Yesterday he barely was in the house when he pulled out his take-home folder and showed us his excited his 'I can write 100 words' sheet with already 40 words on it. I started reading the words he chose and only got till #4 when I was clueless. What in the world is 'wollex'?!

Finally Soren helped me out and we were standing there laughing - it's version of yellow.
However yesterday was definitely one of those days with vocabulary issues. At bedtime my little stinker and me were were reading two of his books he brought from school. The first book he read almost all by himself and I only corrected two words with his pronounciation. Even he has finished speech therapy we still work this way to make sure he is improving his language skills continously and by now adding German words more and more. The second book was my turn to read and it was all about dinosaurs with vocabulary like
Soren corrected my pronounciation on every single dino-word. Payback.
When he was off in the land of dreams I started on a new project using the same and similar fabrics from the latest couch pillow. There were enough strips leftover that I only needed add some bigger squares for trying a wonky block in the log cabin style. It's still work in progress, however it won't take several months this time to finish. :)
There is another project that is probably waiting not just months, but already years to be continued and moved closer to the sewing machine this morning. It is definitely time to pick up my recycle quilt for a new picnic blanket, the temperatures are never really cold here.


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  1. LOL - Soren is too cute!!!

    I remember the jeans quilt - I guess you worked on it when I was visiting you in Texas the first time :)



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