Monday, February 11, 2013

strip pillow - part 1

It's raining and thundering outside, the heater is turned back on and there is a pot with  hot Yukgaejang (spicy beef and vegetable soup) on the stove top. I am definitely not leaving the house today instead finished writing my paper, working on the slow computer, study more and spend time with my mom. Since she is here she is working on a quilt for each kid. Soren is following her every step she is working on his Spiderman quilt. He is all excited. 

- couch pillow -

I finally sew a little more again, too, and finished the couch pillow for the extra stool next to our window. It was only the backing left to do and filling it with fiberfill that was just waiting to be opened. The five pound box literally doubled in size in front of our eyes. Try to squeeze it all back in the box, I didn't attempt it. :)

My two little ones have lots of sillyness in their heads and now also on their heads. Last weekend we went grocery shopping at Omart, the huge asian supermarket in the next town, before heading to the airport for picking up our visitor from Germany and the kids discovered the tiger and gepard hats. These are now worn daily in the morning no matter how cold or should I better say how warm it is!

- Soren and Chiara showing of their silly but warm hats -

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  1. Das Kissen ist super geworden! Hahaha poooof doublesize - solange es nur die Watte ist - so gings mir damals mit meinem 2 kg Watte-Paket auch. Coole Mützen ;)



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