Wednesday, February 27, 2013

it's called a 'whitehouse'

I promised Soren quite a while ago that I make him a floor cushion for his room. He is a big Spiderman fan right now and Oma made him a Spiderman quilt during her visit in our house.So I decided to use the leftover fabrics and a touch of yellow for his floor cushion. After I only made pillows lately I thought of switching up the style for this and turn in more into a cuboid shape. - cuboid -  I admit that I had to google for this word in English. - Soren is happy with his cushion and tested it right away, but it is intended for indoors otherwise the Brynne, our dog will take it over without thinking twice. Vincenzo, the cat, already spent last night sleeping on it right after finishing it.

We started our gardening season here, too. Perhaps a little late for our region, because our seedlings could already be growing, however the first seeds were planted yesterday in the mini greenhouse. But we don't really have much space and light for plants inside close to the window, we built our greenhouse for outside today. It is big enough to raise all seedlings even after we planted them in bigger pots before planting them actually in the ground. It is not your typical greenhouse, but I am definitely no carpenter and my budget si limited, too. So I spent $3 for some plastic foil, dug out the postal tape that works for everything and the extra storage shelf behind the shed that was just waiting to get used for something.

 - Gardening - Day 1 -

 - Gardening - Day 2 -

Even if our greenhouse or whitehouse as Bella insists calling it does not look very professional, it should work out for us of not Texas storm is blowing it all over the yard. There is a weight on the bottom of the flap included to keep the flap down and roll it up for opening and we even added velcro for extra closure on the sides. Postal tape works awesome, when it sticks once you usually don't have a chance to get it back off.

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  1. Hihihi, kann ich mir gut vorstellen, dass die Fellnasen das Kissen übernehmen :) Ist toll geworden!!! Und beim Greenhouse - egal ob teuer oder billig, Hauptsache es erfüllt den Zweck!



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