Saturday, March 2, 2013


Loving a liquor store does probably not rather harm my reputation instead of improving it, but next to the Oh!Mart - Asian grocery store and the Hobbylobby it is one of my favorite stores in the next town. I can take care of most of my errands around here and only occasionally make it into Killeen since shopping is definitely not one of my favorite things to do. But I love stopping at Spec's, an Texan liquor chain store with a huge variety of special things from alcohol to specialty food. There are not many places you could find Limoncello for sale or four different types of Irish cream in all sizes. It is interesting to browse through the aisles and see all the bottle and label designs and the huge selection of wines from all different countries. But I definitely ALWAYS stop at the rack with the Haribo gummies. Spec's has the biggest selection of Haribo gummies (produced in the States), even I am missing my favorite Haribo gummies which are only made in Germany. Thirteen years ago Leland and I lived just a tow away from the Haribo factory in Germany and visiting it was definitely worth it. But Spec's has an even bigger incentive, they sell cigars. I am not a smoker, but I do love cigar boxes and also the smell of them.Spec's sells empty cigar boxes for $1.49 that includes paper and wooded cigar boxes. I used them already for wrapping gifts and of course kept some for myself whenever I can find one. and the last one works perfectly for the collection of stamps we own which got collected it a Pooh Bear shoe box before - since the girls were little. Definitely an improvement for organizing!

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