Saturday, March 30, 2013

hammer & nails

The last two weeks are a little bit more of a change in my day as usually. I started a new job and leave the house right after all the kids are off with the school bus. I am supposed to work part-time, but until after all necessary appointments and training is done I am happy if I make it back before the kids come home with the bus again. Then my college books and papers are still waiting for me, but I was too tired, so now I have to catch up quite a bit. 
Last Saturday was the day we had to get everything done for the week including a trip to the hardware store. I needed wood for our veggy boxes and the kids picked up wood building kits.

Our front porch turns on those days in the woodshop until we can chase out the last wasp from the shed. All three kids were busy and almost coming along. :) No screams as far as being hit by a flying hammer and by now besides minor mishap they can build these pretty cool kits from Lowes all by themselves. We already have several from their free workshops and Soren loves especially the truck and the race car which really cool.

Soren collected all the badges from the previous workshops and eventually I have to sew them onto something like a craftsman vest or tool belt for him.

Guess who was right in the middle between kids, wood, hammers and nails? Brynne bee of course. Afterwards Bella and me built the two veggy planters for the garden. It took us a little to find the right screws, but eventually the first one was done and the second one soon after. They are not necessarily so beautiful, but after we weeded out the grass - the one spot where actually some is growing greener as anywhere as - sadly - and we added compost, soil and seedlings, it should be overlooked.

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