Monday, March 18, 2013

all the way in the water

I had only two kids in tow when we made our way to town for an errand on Saturday, quite convient when Bella and I can look and Soren manages to fit in the shopping cart just fine - or barely - but he had one of the seldom chances to play on my Kindle and was happy to let us browse. All set after the one store - I usually only go to one store if possible better even to none and Soren was ready for another trip to the lake. 
We met Tina and her kids there, she even brought the missing third one of mine along.

 The temperature was higher as a few days ago, but the wind a lot more, too. Can you see the sand flying on the little island in the lake? Nothing was safe that wasn't held on. Believe me. And we had a BBQ planned ... hahaha ... everything flew  ... from hamburger bun bags dancing like arabic snakes above the trash cans  to ketchup off the hotdog and you even had to hold to the salad on your plate. BUT the kid had a blast and you  definitely didn't feel your sunburn in all the wind until you left.

Bella is a little picky where she is swimming no matter what the water temperature is, but all the little ones were continously in and out the water till the evening. In between the colected roks and shells and of course dug in the mud. We fed them with snacks and BBQ and were one of the last ones to leave this time around.

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