Sunday, March 17, 2013

counting time

We are experts in counting time. I could list you countless examples ... Chiara is most annoyed with the the ever repeating one ... one every single car ride ... and the reason why my ipod is playing rather loud ... Soren is counting from one to 100 by the time we passed Oakalla Road and the airport he is at 200 after missing my turn to the lake he ended up at 2000. So I think any long distance roadtrips are currently out of question, because Soren would not survive Chiara. ... We also counting the days, months .. saying goodbye to the army permanently definitely.

Spring break day 4 - we stayed home and planned on being lazy, however we ended up working in the garden and started preparing our vegetable plots. We are getting ready to fence it off again to keep everythig save from nosy dogs, however after being chased by red wasp and separated from the tools in the shed where those wasps found their home again we got a stop. Some of the participants including the dog thought being lazy was way better anyway in any shady spot they found.

There's not much you can do then anymore!

Friday night - one stayed home, one wasn't feeling well, so out of five I took three kids skating. The ring was filled this time even with a skating coach and I am pretty proud that none of the three were hanging on the edge this time but trying their best turning rounds. 

- Soren -

- Becca & Chiara -

- friends -

- Soren -

He really did not hang on the side anymore, just peeked over and now even figured out how to get back on he rollerskates again when he falls. :) We might have a date with the skating ring once a while perfect for winter and hot summers.

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