Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring break continues and Oz stay away

Day two was something. Definitely. Soren had a playdate planned with Melly and first was totally against it. No and no again. Not without his Chiara. What to do. Plain nothing. We are just go and sleep a night over it while his Chiare is having a sleepover without him. :) Next day Soren is totally ready for an afternoon with his little girlfriend undisturbed by his little sister or shall we call her medium sister because she is absolutely not the big one. We still need the correct definition for this sister of his or just keep calling her Chiara or trouble. He was dropped of and Bella's remark was: 'Now it is like it used to be!' She definitely surprised me, because she usually tries to get rid off her sister and keeps that 'sweet' little brother close by.

So we were off to the movies to watch Oz the Great ans Powerful. The trailer looked pretty interesting for all three of us I believed. The girls were all excited and loved the movie and I always love the previews in the movie theatres. Threy are just the best. And that was just about it, because I don't remember much more about the first half of the movie because I fell asleep. It was not so interesting. Perhaps I should have remembered why I have never read a Wizard of the Oz story before beside the first page. Serouslt. Perhaps it's an American thing. I truly apologize. But even the second hour I baerely stayed awake in the movie theatre. The concession stand didn't sell coffee, the soda didn't work well and I only stayed awake because I was freeze my b*** off. Does that explain it. I couldn't wait for the movie to be over. Next time it's the redbox or ust the internet again. :)  And a blanket with some yummy snacks aand any drinks warm and cold becaue I have a working heater and a/c  deppending o the outside temperature :)))))     However spring break day 2 was a success for the kids. Just Oz stay away from me.

Day three was warm. No heater required, because we spent it outside it the park of course with a little friend again and it's cute little Melly. After we haven't seen her for so many weeks we use the days off to catch up with her and Patrizia. Somebody gave me the idea off cycling. Unfortunately I can't fit my bike neither on my car, behind or inside it, but two we can just stuffed in it. So Soren and Chiara happily rode their bikes on the walking trail back and forth around the playground instead just on our road while I chatted with Patrizia a lot in German. It's so nice skipping Englisg for a while even I won't understand everthing while she speaks with her daughter in Polish :). 

- drei kleine und grosse Racker - 

While those three and the biggest one of all were keeping themselves busy  I took some photos of the mom to be. We did not really plan ahead of what to do exactly. But Patrizia is such a beautiful woman nevertheless even you have to keep telling her and her baby belly is just adorable. She is so cute. I am really glad that she is my friend. Thank you.

 Aren't those two just too cute? Mom and daughter? And there is going to be another sweet girl added!!!

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