Monday, March 11, 2013

dancing in the rain

Spring break already started and very wet indeed. Friday night we stayed simply in the kids lounged in front of the living room and watched TV and I tortured the sewing machine. After years I actually tried sewing a shirt for myself.  I do have great friends who all said that the shirt is wearable however if it would fit me in a smaller size then I would love it a lot more.
It was an attempt using a stretching thin material including making my own pattern for a very reasonable price of the fabric called bargain.

 - me and silly Soren and the shirt - 

On Saturday it started with sprinkling and just continued with pouring down. The rain did not stop us from the leaving the house. We love the rain. We all own umbreallas, too. If we use them that's a totally different question.

We went to the public library to stock up on books for all the kids to read and to find a 'Pete the Cat' book for Soren. I never heard about Pete before, but Soren is hooked on Pete and since the book fair at the school it is all about Pete the Cat is Rocking in his School Shoes. All my kids love books. Here is proof. :)

Because there is limit possibilities what we can do in a down pour in we did not want to go shopping we stopped in McDonalds for an ice cream snack and to meet friends. Bella met her book and was occupied the whole time. Chiara was a little silly and reading, too, and Soren on the other side was just jumping off the walls. The soaked and closed playground there Can you see it in there yes?

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  1. Also mir gefällt das Shirt auch und ich würde es auch anziehen! Und übrigens ich finde du siehst gut aus!!!



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