Thursday, February 21, 2013

the hedgehog is just plain cute - part 2

 I am hooked on the bright color scheme. I truly admit it and it's fun to have all these fabric spread around you, a sketch of an idea in front of me, but not knowing yet how the result will turn out exactly because I do not plan the colors into details and just get started. However this pillow fits perfectly to the strip pillow I finally finish a week ago and there might be one more coming soon. There is a little bot more space left on the couch stool in the corner of our living room. The next sketch is already waiting scribbled inside of a flattened flat rate box. I will see what will be finished first the new pillow idea or the two big quilts that finally are layered, basted and ready for quilting.

After an hour on hold with Adobe without getting anybody on the line and then after an one minute wait I was chatting online with Amit from Adobe, I learned not to call Adobe customer service anymore and also got my license issue solved for the Photoshop program and was finally able to use it again.

The next day I spent preparing a sheet with different labels for my mom and some new ones for myself and printed it on iron-on paper. Already set up with big rolls of cotton tape we were busy ironing on the design on the tape. - I ordered 20 yards rolls of cotton tape online two years ago already, because I had no luck finding them in the small packages in the stores around me. - It takes a little bit of time, but the labels are so easy to make in any size and type needed for any project and I am all set for now.

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