Saturday, February 9, 2013

Somebody really loves owls

- Bella Clutch  from Violet and Clover -

Bella loves owls in any form. She truly must have gotten that from her dad. By now even I grew fond of them and couldn't resist them especially on fabric. Bella is even a bigger lover and this fabric out my stash just fit perfect for this little bag for her.
The pattern is called Bella Clutch from Clover and Violet and easy to make. On their website you can find more color combinations as examples. I like especially the little bit of ruffles and the rounded corners on the bottom of the bag . Bella already packed her things it the little bag and took it out shopping.

However Bella is busy sewing herself. My mom arrived here and showed her the hundreds of mini hexagons she is making and now Bella is hooked and she is doing a great job.

- one of Bella's hexagons -

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