Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little Birds Tutorial

I keep being asked how I made these little birds, so here you go. I hope this tutorial will show you how easy they are made.
fabric scraps
cross stitching thread
two beads

Cut 2 - 3 1/2 " squares for the body and 1 - 2 1/1 " for the beak of the bird.

For the beak you need to fold the small square in half into a rectangle. I used my iron to make every crease hold.
Fold it again into a square. Open the last fold back up.
Fold both sides in as triangles. And one more time over for the finished beak.
For the bird's body take the two big square, lay them right sides together and sew one side closed.

Take the folded beak, open the body squares and lay the beak on the seam pointing the beak to the center.

Fold the top square back down and sew the left and right side closed. NOT the bottom.

It should look like this when you are done.

Turn in inside out.

Before continuing with the bird I fixed the legs. I used cross stitching thread, but anykind of wool ,ribbon or thread you have should work well. I measure about 24 inches 9 times and braided it. To end up with two 5 inches legs.

Now stopped in the pantry to get yourself a snack. You earned it. And while you there. Grab the rice, too.
Fill up the the body with rice, but maximum 3/4, because you still need to be able to sew it closed under your machine.
Fold the raw edge in for about 1/4 inch.

Close it, but the opposite way by positioning the seams on top of each other. And just pin it in the middle once.
Add the legs and pin them in place.
Then just top stitch it closed.
All is left to do, is adding the eyes. I used beads for the eyes. They are a little tiny.

Have fun with them.

p.s. let me know if it sounds confusing somewhere.


  1. So excited to have this tutorial. Thanks a Bunch from one of your crafty mammas.

  2. These Little Birds are so gorgeous. I've had fun making some, thanks.

  3. Holy cow! You have a little treasure box of ideas in here! All sorts of fun stuff...
    I lived in Texas I can relate with trying to make the best of it. Nothing wrong with Texas per-say, it was just stinkin' hot, and humid.
    I am over the Sew Be It segment on our site so I am going to have to bookmark these little beauties!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. You have a little treasure box of fun stuff the birds!
    I lived in Texas once, so I can relate with making the best of it approach. Nothing wrong with Texas per-say, it was just stinkin hot and humid!
    I am over the Sew Be It segment on our site so I am going to have to book mark these little beauties.
    Hope we see some of your submissions!



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