Sunday, August 9, 2009

A date 15 years ago

This August, 15 years ago we had a date. Leland and me. We planned on meeting at the Anscavallo, at the ugly horse statue three weeks from "now". That was after my gradutation and trip and his field time. I just turned 19 and he was 21. A long time ago and a long time at that time and neither one of us knew if the other one would actually show up.

We both did.

Fours years later with lots of long distances relationships due to college and new duty stations in between we married. Not at that Anscavallo, but in Wuerzburg and in 2000 we left Germany for good. The kids and me came back for visits, but Leland never did have the chance.

15 years* later we just had to stop once at the ugly horse statue and showed the kids the spot where we met again. (*Almost 15 years later, because we did that already in June.)

- Somehow Ansbach truly has a problem with modern art and beauty - ok it is in the eye of the beholder - but most of the statue are truly ugly - and I do love art.

One of the favorite places of the kids in town. The playground right across of the bridge of the mall before going into downtown with a little waterfall to splash in. A "Biergarten" and Cafe right there. It is not huge, just small, but places like that I love about Germany.

You can even see a part of the original "Berliner Mauer" (Berliner Wall) standing right in the center since October 3rd, 1990 as memorial against oppression, inhumanity and intolerance.


  1. So adore that story! How come that never happens when I am in Germany! :-) Glad you guys had such an amazing trip!



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