Sunday, August 16, 2009

It is HOT in TEXAS

Anybody up for travelling? Go ahead. I am staying home for right now.
Frankfurt Airport - the kids with Oma & Opa

I do really have to say as much trouble and as whiny as my kids can be when it really has to be I can count on my kids. When flying back from Frankfurt to the States the changed the gates twice on us and twice we had huge delays so in both airport we had a lot of walking to do, no correct me, in Frankfurt we walked a lot, in Philadelphia we landed so late and it took so much time to get after immigration and customs to get through security again that our connection flight was already boarding that we literally had to ran through the airport from terminal to terminal twice because the printed our gate information wrong to catch the flight minutes before closing the door, only to wait an hour for take off. The girls did great and it was rough. But we made it instead of spending a night at the Philadelphia airport stuck.
Just to come back here to deal in the morning with a not working car and roadside assistance and the garage. And chasing cat hair for two days two months worth. But it is nice to be home.
After lots of cleaning and unpacking and organizing we took off to the lake yesterday because it is just too hot outside to do anything else outdoors. And today we are taking it a little easy before before our week will be busy with getting ready for school, appointments and just everyday and normal life.


  1. Schön das ihr nach dem ganzen Flugstress noch Zeit zum chillen findet. Sieht fast so aus wie am Altmühlsee ;-)

  2. Schoen dass ihr wieder gut daheim angekommen seid!!! Oh mann was fuer ein Stress das mit dem Fliegen! Mit welcher Linie seid ihr denn geflogen?? Ganz liebe Gruesse aus South Carolina...vermissen Euch! Sandra

  3. You have some really beautiful kiddos! Always so happy!



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