Thursday, August 20, 2009

simple and staying

A few months ago I was not much in sewing mood. There was too much going on in spring, but before we left for summer break i took a trip down to Austin and went fabric shopping for my mom and Karin. At that time when picking out all the treasures for them I couldn't resist and brought the fabric for this quilt top home and actually after figuring out the simple design went to work. I got all the strips done, but ran out of time to finish the top. So it was sitting in a stack on top of my washing machine.

Of course even I stacked the strips up nicely, had the brown strops already cut, I laid everything on the flor out at Soren's nap time. It just didn't look right anymore. The order was mess up anymore. So I was sitting there trying to figure it which strip belong where not to have any fabric coming together. Grrrrrrrr. That's why you don't take breaks when you can't let it lay out, but it this house either the kids run through and after the girls are trained not to step on laid out fabric, now we have Soren, then the cats run like maniacs chasing each other through the house over it that all pieces would fly in any direction. We had all that before too. It does not get boring here.

It is a very simple pattern, but right now I am on the simple trip. I just loved the colors and after finding the brown-blue leaves fabric and the blue one with the flower print I just went from there. From there is has to be qilted someday.
AUBREY - I usually give my things away. LOL. Once a while I sell them, but then usually pre ordered for now.


  1. schaut schoen aus! Simple ist doch wunderbar!! Bin zur Zeit auf dem Frugal sustainable green living trip haha....da passt simple auch super rein ;-) Ganz liebe Gruesse

  2. Ich finde den Klasse - einfach ist oft mehr. Mir gefallen auch die Farben/Stoffe sehr gut.

    Hihihi ich erinnere mich zu gern an Mohrle und Vincenzo als ich meinen ersten Ragquilt bei dir gemacht habe und diesen auslegen wollte...... da gings nur woosh, woosh und die zwei Mietzen sind wieder drüber gesaust, als hätten sie nur drauf gewartet alles wieder durcheinander zu machen......

  3. Hi from one Army wife to another. I love the simplicity of your quilt and the colors. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment.



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