Saturday, August 22, 2009

last day of summer break

The girls both agreed
that we just had to stop and snap a picture of this sign today
after we already passed it on Tuesday.

Remember 'No Swimming'

Today was the last official day of summer break. After this weekend school starts again. The girls already met their new teachers and know a few classmates - they scramble up their classes every year - and are all excited for Monday to arrive. So hopefully getting up around 6 am will also be exciting. But today it was still summer break. I woke them up relatively early and we packed up everything we needed for a few hours at the lake. The icebox was filled with cold drinks, sandwiches and watermelon. A little bit more taste of summer. The kids had a fun and it was hard to get any of the three out of the water for the "mandatory breaks" there the lifeguards took every hour.

I don't know for how much long Sierra Beach will be open and if we have another chance to go, but for sure the temperatures are still high here and no rain in sight.

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