Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Butterfly Scrap Quilt

A few days ago I decided that I had to make a quilt top. I had a pattern in my mind out of scraps or fabric in my stash, some which I had since a decade. It is nothing so special, but it is was really good to be back spending a night on my sewing machine. I guess which might even have missed me. LOL. Not even once the thread ripped, or the needle broke or aything else happened besides that I miscalculated the first block I made and have one extra now - smaller.

The easiest part after choosing the fabric is done and I added the last two strips on the right and left side of the top thsi morning, now I just need to get my mind set sometime to layer it and pin it and actually quilt, hopefully without wrinkles. I have to admit, I am dreading that part. I have a ferw quilt tops almost done, but that step is the hardest. Adding the binding I love. By now I figured out how to close the two ends so you don't see the beginning and the end - if I remember how - and sewing it to backside by hand it takes a little bit more time, but it is just the last step. The last touch for a quilt.

But I do hope that with the quilting I can give this scrap quilt the special something that it is still missing before I can send it its way.


  1. Oh! I am so envious of your talent! It is going to be GORGEOUS!!

  2. Willkommen zurück im Hobbyland und der ratternden Nähmaschinen. Der Quilt ist super - bin schon auf das Quilting gespannt!! Ist auch nicht mein Ding, aber wenn ich mal angefangen hab, dann machts eigentlich auch Spass.



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