Friday, September 4, 2009

school - books - potato

You might have been wondering why there was no new post until now?

No, we didn't loose electricity or internet.

But truly it would not even have mattered.

My nose was stuck in books for days and nights.

Happens once a while.

And if I had to stop reading we were busy with just everyday life so blogging and sewing and even taking pictures did not really happen. Let's see what was going on before ...

Sunday before school start the kids were pretty surprised to find out that you can use potatoes for something else besides cooking and eating. We used them for making stamps and printing. And now we have a whole collection of decorated paperbags. - I might now get in trouble when I try to use them as trashbags as usual.

Afterwards a mini splash in our mini pool on the patio to cool off and too wash the rest of the left over paint off. At least from Soren. He fits perfectly well in the pool. It was truly the only pool it was possible to find in any of all the stores in the towns here after we came back. The girls fit in and didn't complain yet.

The next morning

- First day of school - 2009 -

The girls are excited, nervous, happy and can't wait to go to school.

Soren is missing his sisters during the day, so he got his own little cave built in the corner of the living room which he is sharing with our black cat who thinks that is a perfect spot to take a nap.

Now the house is still loud, full of kids not ready to sleep, but all wired up
that's what you get from unplanned sleep overs.

But soon it will get quieter ... hopefully.


  1. Hey du Bücherwurm - wollte schon eine Vermissten-Anzeige aufgeben - lol.

  2. We love potato prints! They're great for little hands or big hands can create lots more!

    I saw your ornament post at baby center...I love your idea. Do you have it posted here?

  3. Great photos as always... Love the group one from the pool and first day of school especially... :)



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