Monday, September 21, 2009


My big girl already turned NINE on Saturday.
Can you believe it? 9?

Of course she was all excited. She kept all the cards and packages that came in the mail from Germany unopened til her birthday - this girls does have patience - sometimes. So she hardly could wait in the morning and was up EARLY. For me, too early after I didn't finish her birthday present til late in the night/early morning for her. Soren had his eyes set on her "unlucky" birthday cake, Chiara and I made the evening before and got a little bit "dark" in the oven, but was still eaten up quick. Bella loved the books she got, especially the ones Daddy sent, but she truly missed him on her special day after he is gone the third year in a row on her birthday.

After cake for breakfast and Bella opening her presents, we had to convince Chiara that she will have fun going to play soccer. Chiara didn't want to go, but it was the first day of the Itty Biddy Soccer Team.

Soren found his way faster onto the soccer field as Chiara and he loved it until he got just plain fussy and grumpy. But wanted to be with her.

So, our little sports girls who didn't want to go at all had a blast "training soccer". She would love to go everyday. But it has to wait until Saturday morning again. I guess we do need to find a pump to get some more air in our soccer ball here.

I finished it - almost in time - Bella's birthday present. She wanted a messenger bag for school and I just didn't like any I saw at the stores, so I decided making her one and started really late with it. It has pockets in the front and a large one in the back, plus a small zipper pocket inside for her bus pass. It closes with a big zipper on top and a magnet snap on the flap. I never used those snaps before and that alone was an adventure.

Bella got her bag wrapped Saturday morning, but I still had to close up the seam inside in the lining which is now finished, too. After she stayed home today it will be tested for school tomorrow. Now Soren might need his own bag, because he keeps insisting taking one, too, out of the house, but Chiara's pink princess bag would really not be Daddy's choice. We will see. lol

She just found the pocket in the back this morning. LOL


  1. Das Messenger-Bag ist toll geworden - wow! Oha Fussballtraining - na dann kann das US-Team für WM mit den neuen Talenten besetzt werden ;-)

  2. Happy birthday Bella!!!! Sorry it's a couple days late. Wir vermissen Euch! Stevie und ich haben vor kurzem die Halloweenbilder von 2007 angeschaut. Das war schoen damals! ganz liebe Gruesse an euch alle!



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